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CES Innovation Award
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Absolute Audio Labs develops cutting edge technology for Hearing and Voice applications. Our B2B Audio software suites - PYOUR Audio Hearing, Voice and Safesound - cover a wide range of applications with a main focus on speech intelligibility, personalization, music perception and hearing protection for TWS earbuds and Hearing Aids.

At CES 2024 we will announce PYOUR Audio 3.0, the platform agnostic audio suite that meets all acoustic, functional, and operational requirements that can be expected of top performing prescription hearing aids. Further, we will

suite as the solution for hearing enhancement supported on a new family of connectivity products. Read more in our Press Release.

announce a collaboration with semiconductor manufacturer Renesas. Renesas have selected AAL’s PYOUR Audio new 3.0 hearing

CES Innovation Award

PYOUR Audio Hearing 2.0

The #1 and award winning software suite for hearing enhancement on TWS earabuds and Hearing aids. Running on premium consumer audio components and enriched with our proprietary Advanced Noise Suppression, Instantaneous Wideband Compression, AI Acoustic Feedback Manager, lightweight directionality scheme and proprietary fitting algorithms, it not only performs on par with the best hearing aids in the market, it provides seamless connectivity and best of all: a music experience as never witnessed before in the hearing aid industry. 

To demonstrate it's performance, we have integrated it into our latest hearing aids demonstrators: the Amadeus. A clinical test showing its performance compared to Tier 1 hearing aids can be found here. Truly giving back music to the hearing impaired! 

PYOUR Audio 3.0

The successor of the succesful 2.0 suite. Scheduled for release in H2, 2024, PYOUR Audio 3.0 meets all acoustic, functional, and operational requirements that can be expected of top performing prescription hearing aids. This includes full day operation without a single charge. In the process of developing PYOUR Audio

Co-funded by the European Union

Hearing 3.0, AAL are also teaming up with global innovation partners, lead customers and the Technical University of Delft.

With PYOUR Audio Hearing 3.0, AAL will further expand on its innovation leadership position on restoring music enjoyment for hearing impaired, matched with world class speech intelligibility improvement. By deploying our technology on premium generic audio chipsets, innovation in hearing is no longer restricted by costs and limited functionality of traditional hearing aid DSPs. Read more in our Press Release.

Andrew Bellavia interviews Aernout Arends at the AAL booth at CES 2024 about PYOUR Audio and the value of SoC based hearing aids.
This is video an excerpt from a podcase of This week in Hearing on the Hearing Health & Technology Matters channel in which Dave Kemp and Andrew Bellavia discuss all hearing novelties at CES 2024. The complete podcast can be found here (external site, will open in a new window).

Interview with This week in Hearing at CES 2024

Christopher Jordan interviews Aernout Arends at the AAL booth at CES 2024 about PYOUR Audio, the speech intelligibility demo and the value of SoC based hearing aids.

PYOUR Audio Voice

PYOUR Audio Voice

Crystal clear calling solution, focussing on speech intelligbility in phone calls. Using microphone directionality, 3rd (inner) mic, Advanced Noise Suppression and bone sensing technology. Integrated on Qualcomm QCC5141 and 5171 audio SoCs.

World Health Organization

PYOUR Audio SafeSound

SafeSound actively protects the hearing of users of earbuds or hearing aids. It accurately keeps track of the sound exposure to the ear in terms of volume and duration. It ongoingly holds the measured values against a maximum weekly dose a person should be exposed to. Tools are made available to the OEM to warn the consumer of sound exposure duration, sound level, consumption, etcetera. Such warnings can be conveyed either directly on the earbuds/hearing aids or can be made visible in a companion app.

The feature is designed to make earbuds and hearing aids compatible with the WHO & ITU-T standards for safe listening: H.870 & H.871. The objective of these standards is to raise awareness for listening volumes and duration and the effect it has on the human ear. Ultimately it aims to change listening behaviors of the users to prevent occurrence of noise induced hearing loss by providing information, warning messages and ultimately by active sound output limiting.

CES 2023

Absolute Audio Labs

AAL has its offices in the city of Hilversum (greater Amsterdam area), which is the heart of the vibrant audio-visual media of the Netherlands. Our head office is located at the Wisseloord complex, next to the famous Wisseloord Studios where many of the world's most prominent recording artists have recorded their best music, including Tina Turner, U2, Sting, Simple Minds, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, 50cent, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, E.L.O, Elton John and many, many more.

The creativity and audio quality of the studio is also in the DNA of Absolute Audio Labs and can be witnessed throughout its range of industry changing products.


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Current vacancies:

  • EA & Office Manager (Hilversum/Rotterdam - part time) - Open
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  • Product Specialist Hearing - fulfilled

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HQ: Absolute Audio Labs B.V. - Wissleoord area - Mozartlaan 27c - 1217 CM - Hilversum - The Netherlands

Development Center: Stationsplein 45 (Unit A4.004) - 3013 AK - Rotterdam - The Netherlands

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